Tuesday, December 27, 2016

Whats this?


Well its been around 3 years since I have made a post. Whoops! In 2017 I am making a goal to post more frequently. I really want to give this a solid go.

Lets go ahead and do a little update on all the things going on in my life. Saria will be 7 in January! I can hardly believe it. She is currently attending a private STEM academy and loves it! She is really into cooking, baking, arts, crafts, MLP, LPS, and FNAF. She can be quite the firecracker but she is pretty darn awesome. Her little brother Drake just turned 5 in November and he is close to losing his two bottom teeth. He is in Pre-K at the same school as his sister and he loves it. He pretty much enjoys all the things his big sis does but he also loves Minecraft and Yo-Kai Watch.

Doug works a lot, usually 40-50 hours a week. One day he will have the day shift the next is a night shift. We are hoping that things calm down soon but he is considering looking for a job elsewhere (The company he works for was recently bought out by another one and no one knows if they will even get to keep their job). So things on that end are a little stressful.

My turn. During the day when the kids are at school I clean, when the kids get home I take care of them and in the evening I am either streaming on Twitch or working on plans for starting my own business. I have a little hobby thing going on and with enough dedication I am hoping that it can become something more. All I need is to earn some money so I can invest in supplies, business cards etc. Working towards it but it can be a little rough at times. It seems like whenever I have a couple bucks saved up an emergency happens. My health has been pretty terrible lately, but I will go more into that on another post.

I think that is all for now! Feel free to ask questions if you have any, and I will be sure to post again soon(tm)

Have a great day and thanks for reading!