Tuesday, April 23, 2013

here is an oldie

This is from back in 2007

As I lay here
Wondering why
Why am I so alone inside
Am I that ugly
Am I just wrong
Why don't you hold me
Make me feel strong

Dying inside like a forgotten past
Many may know me but they really don't
I try to look happy
Hold it inside
Try to be lovely
But I'm just so damn empty inside

Pretend to care
It just makes it worse
Backstabbing and heartache
can it get any worse
I don't know what to do any more
I just cant feel my arms anymore
My whole body is just dead inside
Please I just say please
Hold me in your arms tonight

I long for your love
I long for your touch
Im outta breath running towards you now
Is this to much to ask
I feel the pain begin to die down
Sitting, laying here on the ground
Things begin to feel alright
Im not alone as though it may seem
There are thousands just like me
Wanting love from those they cannot have

April 23 2013

Hello all, I know I said I would post every day but I was wrong. Some things came up. What are those things? Well spring cleaning and taking care of my kids, The hubs had a man cold, after everyone goes to bed I head to the gym for an hour and then when I had time to post I just wanted to climb in bed. So I apologize  Something else has been going on in my life but I feel if I mention it out loud it will make me sound insane. Maybe in another post I will mention it. Who knows.

So my oil pulling has been going great. At first it was a bit weird but my skin is getting softer and I have less breakouts! Huzzah!

Workouts have been going well. I am so out of shape its rather disgusting. But a mile on the treadmill wears me out. I use to be able to run 4 miles without stopping! This is going to be a long and hard fight to get me back where I belong.

Monday, April 15, 2013

April 15 2013

Hello friends! I have not posted here in ages! But I am turning over a new leaf and will be posting daily! Even if it is just to say that I did nothing :p

Lets start today off with the kids.
Drake is 16 months old, 25lb and 31 inches tall. His favorite show is Pingu, his favorite book is Mommy loves me, His favorite game is picking up animals and growling while throwing them at your face. He is a huge music fan and tries to sing along with the radio.
Saria is 3, Her favorite show is Power Rangers Dino Thunder, Yo Gabba Gabba and Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2 and 3. Her favorite book is Chicka Chicka Boom Boom, her favorite game is play cooking and driving adults insane. She too is a big fan of music and sings along.

Lets see now. I would discuss Doug but not much to say. He works all day and then in the evening he relaxes with WoW and Minecraft. He has almost all level 90s now.

I guess I am left now. In January I had laterjet surgery on my right shoulder, I recently started physical therapy and attend that every Wednesday at the VA. I now attempt to work out daily in hopes of gaining muscle and toning up the disaster that is my stomach. I decided to start Oil pulling today. I must say.... It did feel really weird having coconut oil dissolve on my tongue!

I have become a jumbo nerd and am in love with the shows Doctor Who and Sherlock. I also have a weird thing for the show Glee.
I am starting to get back into gaiming and am thinking of recording it and putting it on youtube. I doubt their would be interest but maybe people might be interested in watching a girl attempt to game.

Any questions, comments or suggestions just hit me up! Thanks for stopping by!