Monday, October 15, 2012

October 15

I apologize in advance for the spelling and grammar issues this post will have. We did not sleep very well last night.
So this weekend was a fairly good one! On Saturday we went to Glenn's Ferry for a wedding and we had a pretty good time! It is so beautiful down there, but the wind was insane! I made the mistake of wearing a dress. Every time I was outside I had to hold it down! Saria had a blast playing with kids her age and Drake loved all the ladies talking to him. He LOVES attention.
Both Friday and Saturday night Drake slept though the night and it was GLORIOUS! It was so nice not having to get up two or three times to nurse him. But Sunday night he decided to get up at midnight to eat and then two in the morning was a good time to play but the play had to be in my lap. Me being so kind (Not wanting to wake up Doug and Saria) I obliged and kept him busy. He fell back asleep a little after five in the morning.Saria made sure to wake us up at seven.

Saria loved it here

He was crazy for crackers

That is all for now. I will check back in soon.

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