Friday, September 14, 2012

It's Friday!

So I promised I would post some pictures for everyone but I got caught up in life a little bit. For that I apologize.
We are in the works of packing and preparing for a move. So excited! Now to post some pictures! The quality of the pictures are not very great due to them being from my phone... But one day I will have a DSLR! Hope you all have a terrific Friday!
OK Picture above is from our wedding!

Ignore the messy bed but Drake loves his bath time!

Drake makes a handsome farmer!

Drake smiling at his daddy!

Drake loves to start his day with a bowl of cheerios!

Saria is in the pink shirt! She loves all of the rides.

Saria and daddy

At the fair they had a kiddie pool full of beans to play in. They loved it.

They love car rides!

Here you can see his top two teeth!

Saria and her Grandpa (Doug's dad)

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